Crimes of Fashion, Sock Horror!

Sock Horror? Celeste Stein zig zag rainbow glittery tights

The title says it all, doesn’t it readers?  That’s a crime of fashion, right there.  We don’t know about you, but at first glance we wonder whether the detail shot of the pattern is what it is like to be on acid.  That was certainly our initial thought upon spying these on the My Tights website.  (Our second thought was ‘Good Lord’ and the third one ‘aha – perfect for the Fashion Police readers to deem a crime of fashion or not’.)  Rainbow stripes?  Zig zags?  Glitter?  A case of too much going on or total fabulousness?  You decide.  Also, why is the pattern not matched up at the side?  We hate it when patterned tights look like this.

Unsurprisingly, these have been slashed to half price in the sale so if you do like them, they can be yours for £7.98 and you can buy them here.

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