Crimes of Fashion, Sock Horror!

Sock Horror! Acne’s $200 Tantra-print tights

Tantra on your tights

A few points about this item:

1. These are tights.

2. $209 tights.

3. $209 tights that you just KNOW you’re going to ladder as soon as you put them on, don’t you? Or that your cat/dog/toddler will ladder for you?

4. They have writing on them.

5. So they’ll encourage people to stare really hard at your thighs in order to try and work out what that writing says.

6. Do you REALLY want everyone you meet staring at your thighs? If so, congratulations: you obviously have amazing thighs!

7. Did we mention this is a $209 pair of tights we’re looking at? Are there seriously people in the world who pay $200 for TIGHTS? Who are these people? We’d seriously be fascinated to meet them…

Are you One of Those People, readers? If so, head over to Shopbop: your tantra tights await you!

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