More mutant footwear: convertible sneakers/flip flops


It’s a mark of how changeable the British weather is right now that The Fashion Police found ourselves looking at the images above and thinking, "Actually, we can kind of see how those bad boys might come in handy sometimes…"

That’s not to say we like them, of course – they are multicloured baseball boots after all – but hey, who hasn’t found themselves thinking, "Damn, but I wish I could just zip the tops off my sneakers and turn them into flip flops"? Anyone? ANYONE?

These cost somewhere in the region of £110, according to Fashion Police Cadet, Alexia, who reported them to us, and if all those zips are anything to go by, it looks like you can convert them, not just to flip flops, but to different heights of ugly sneakers, too. If that sounds like the kind of thing you might want to do, you can order a pair here.

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