Smock Horror! Second smock dress sighting in two days – Fashion Police concerned


D’you hear that? That’s the sound of our hearts breaking as we realise that our worst fears are slowly being realised with this, the second sighting of a SMOCK DRESS in just two days. Please, Fashion Designers of the World, we’re begging you here: please don’t start churning out tents to the exclusion of everything else again. Because they make us look pregnant, and while we’re sure that’s not the case for everyone who wears them, we really appreciate having a choice in the matter. That totally wasn’t the case last time the Smock Dress infiltrated the world of fashion and the style was literally the only thing available, so please: make them if you must, but make other styles too. Please?

If you’re jumping with joy at the Return of the Smock, this one is £95 – £95! – and is available from Oli.

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