Sleeve Stealer strikes again: Emma Watson works the single sleeve look on Letterman

We spoke about the one-sleeved trend last week, and now here’s an example of it in action, in the form of Emma Watson wearing a sparkly, one-sleeved dress by Balmain to Letterman last night.

We should probably be thanking Emma Watson for wearing this dress, because, by doing so, she’s finally helped us identify why it is that we don’t love the Single Sleeve: or at least why we don’t mind some examples of it, and actively dislike others. It’s that it doesn’t look deliberate. This dress, for instance, doesn’t look charmingly off-balance, in a cunning, “isn’t that clever” kind of way. It looks like the dress met with an unfortunate accident of some kind, which left is sans sleeve.

In fact, we’re now wondering if there’s some kind of Sleeve Stealer at work. Should we put out an APB, we wonder? Or do you think the Sleeve Stealer should be left to go about his – or her – business unhindered? And while we’re on the subject, what about Emma’s Christian Louboutin wedges?

Are you thinking “too clunky for that dress”? We’re thinking “too clunky for that dress.” Although we’d love them with something else.

And speaking of something else:

Here’s  Emma in Bottega Veneta at the New York premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. We really want to love this gown. We do love the colour, you see, and the design is refreshingly different, but we feel bound to point out that it looks like someone has hastily pinned a curtain or other random piece of fabric onto the bodice, almost as if Emma was just about to step out the door when the original skirt fell off and this one had to be cobbled together in a hurry. Shades of Scarlett O’Hara and her famous curtains, perhaps.

For this event, Emma went with slicked-back hair and dramatic, dark eye makeup:

Definitely not a look everyone could pull off, but we reckon she’s got the face for it.

What do you think of these two different looks from Emma Watson?


  • July 12, 2011


    This one sleeve dress reminds of an old Dr. Seuss song – the ‘Left Sock Thievers’ – It could be rewritten to ‘The Left Sleeve Stealers’ LOL

    And the skirt on the other dress – looks like what I cobbled together one Halloween so that I would look like a ghost with a tattered gown (mine was white to simulate ghostliness mind you) and yes, I DID use safety pins to pin an old sheet to a much shorter white dress that served as the bodice. LOL

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  • July 12, 2011


    Love the first look, but agree with you on the second one. The top part is interesting, though.

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  • July 13, 2011


    I think what’s wrong with the first look is that the dress actually has a neck hole in it, rather than the opening just slanting down from the shoulder to the armpit of the other side, like this: . The dress would probably be pretty cute without any sleeves.

    As for the second look, I don’t like it. Like you said, it looks like she pinned some extra fabric to it to replace something.

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  • July 14, 2011


    The one-sleeve thing is pretty terrible. One long sleeve, one no-sleeve? “Help, help, call the authorities! Someone’s stolen half this woman’s shirt!”

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  • July 17, 2011


    Emma should definitely be put on trial for that ripped off sleeve and for the second ensemble there has to be a bare window out there which is minus a curtain for sure.DON’T!!!

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  • July 19, 2011


    The one sleeve is terrible, but I think the second gown is gorgeous. Emma has always had a rather odd sense of fashion, and I think it’s refreshing. She never looks like anyone else in the film industry.

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