SkinnyJeans: jeans that make you look skinny (as opposed to jeans with drainpipe legs!)

We’re sure we can’t be the only ones who managed to over-indulge over the Christmas period: in fact, the Fashion Police HQ is still so full of chocolate that we’ve been shunning jeans altogether in favour of more forgiving dresses (and, OK, dressing gowns. Shhh!).

There is, however, a brand of jeans designed for just this dilemma, and which claim to make you look slimmer into the bargain. They’re called Skinny Jeans (not to be confused with the “skinny jeans” we normally talk about here, which come with drainpipe legs, but don’t necessarily make you LOOK skinny: in fact, sometimes they do quite the opposite!), and they have a whole bunch of slimline features, from super-stretchy denim that’ll hold you in just like shape-wear, and won’t lose its shape, to  clever “restraining panel” for the stomach, and clever fading and shading to create the illusion of long, shapely legs. Even more impressive to those of us who’re used to having to have jeans altered to fit, they’re also available in a range of inseams and waist sizes, for the perfect size.

Do they work, though? Well, there are some enthusiastic testimonials on the site, but seeing is believing: if you want to try them out for yourself, they’re $178 from here – or, if you’re in the UK, you can order a pair here.

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