Skinny Jeans Aren’t Dead! Topshop Bring Back Baxters!


Who said skinny jeans were dead? Well, um, quite a few people, actually: the demise of the drainpipe has been predicted for some time now on Planet Fashion, but most of the UK high street seems to have missed the memo on that one, because there are still plenty of pairs of skinny jeans to be found, and there are still plenty of people buying them.

As if to prove their popularity, Topshop have just stocked up on their ever-popular Baxter style, which were first issued a couple of years ago, but haven’t been seen now for months (although old pairs still sell on eBay for close to the original price). These are super-skinny skinnies, which makes them great for layering, and Topshop have re-issued them in black, navy, bleached denim and even white.

We’re heaving a sigh of relief here at Fashion Police towers, because we don’t think the skinny jean is going anywhere just yet: sure, the wide-leg styles are currently taking over, but skinnies are sticking it out, and are becoming just one more style of jeans, rather than "the" style of jeans, as they were a couple of years back.

What do you think? Are you still wearing skiny jeans?   

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