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Sizeable shows you what clothes look like on different shapes

Sizeable models

When we wrote about Fever London’s ‘Perfect Fit’ campaign, in which they used models in a range of sizes to showcase their clothes, we said that while it was a great idea, it was unlikely it would catch on, due to the logistics of retailers having to photograph each item they sell on multiple models.

Well, today we’re having to eat those words, because new website Sizeable has done just that. This Australian brand (Don’t worry, they ship to the UK) uses six different models, of varying heights and shapes: all you have to do is pick the woman whose closest to your own shape, and see her wear the company’s clothes. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible for them to show the clothing on every POSSIBLE shape out there, so you’re probably not going to get an exact match, but they’ve listed each model’s measurements, so if you find the one that comes closest, you’ll at least get an idea of how the clothes might look on you: or a better idea than you would from a regular website, anyway.

We think this is a great idea, and although the current selection of available clothing is pretty small, it’s definitely one we’ll be watching with interest.

You can check out Sizeable here.

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