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Natuarally Size 0? Now there’s a fashion store just for you…


Following on from our article on Vanity Sizing in the Fashion Industry, it seemed particularly appropriate that a press release from new online fashion store, Naturally Size 0 should have landed in the Fashion Police inbox this week.

The tendency towards vanity sizing, where clothes are made larger than the size on the label, of course, means that women who are naturally small (and make no mistake – there are plenty of women who are naturally small, either because they’re petite, or because that’s just their natural body shape) end up being completely sized out of the market.

Despite the furore about "size 0" in recent years, size 0 (or it’s UK equivalent, size 4) is actually fairly hard to find. In fact, even a UK size 6 can be difficult to track down, as even those stores which do manufacture it, tend to only stock a few pieces, which sell out instantly. Naturally Size 0 is a US based site which aims to make it possible for smaller women to shop for fashionable clothes in their size. It’s so far shipping only within the US, but there are plans to ship internationally soon. 

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