Six Quirky Clutch Bags

six quirky clutch bags

This season, clutch bags are getting quirky. Or quirkier than usual, that is. The fact is that clutches have always had a tendency to be a little more creative than the handbags you carry to work, or while travelling, for instance, but lately we’ve been noticing an increase in the level of whimsy from this end of the accessories market. No longer is it enough for a clutch bag to be simple, stylish and just large enough to hold your lipstick, cellphone and keys: now it has to look like something else entirely – and ideally something edible, if the images above are anything to go by.

Of course, these styles are nothing new – Olympia Le-Tan’s “book” bags, for instance, are something of a classic, and have been copied – sorry, have “inspired” –  a whole lot of similar versions over the years. While we’ve never been big fans of “novelty” clothing, however, we do have a soft spot for quirky clutches, which are small enough to allow you to have a bit of fun with fashion, and inject some personality into an otherwise basic look, without feeling like you’re in fancy dress.

Unfortunately, the combined price of the six bags in our image would buy you a car, so we’ll be holding out for the high street dupes, should any become available (Acessorize have already released a less-glittery version of the Charlotte Olympia ‘lemon slice’ bag), but what about you? What are your feelings about quirky clutch bags?

Six Quirky Clutch Bags:

Clockwise from top left: Lulu Guinness monochrome Brighton Rock clutch // Kate Spade New York ‘Via Limoni – Lina’ clutch // Olympia le-Tan book clutch // Betsey Johnson ‘Ice Cream’ clutch // Olympia Le-Tan Multi Cotton Bouee Clutch // Charlotte Olympia ‘Cherry On Top’ perspex clutch

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