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“Jegging” Alert: Silence + Noise Pale Blue Pull On Jeans

Pull_on_jeansRemember last week, when we introduced you to the phenomenon that is “jeggings“, and admitted that while we’re not crazy about the name, we had no real issue with lovechild of jeans and leggings themselves? We’d now like to revise that opinion, having been presented with new evidence in the shape of these Silence + Noise “pull on jeans”, which are denim leggings by any other name. Because these? These are just all kinds of wrong, aren’t they? We think it’s the elasticated waist that’s causing the problem. It makes them look like the kinda thing you’d wear if you’d just had, say, abdominal surgery and HAD to wear something with a bit of stretch to it. Why do these exist, we wonder? Why?

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