Shress Spotting: Dolce & Gabbana full-length fishnet dress


Lately The Fashion Police have been disturbed to notice a resurgence in the number of Shress Crimes we’ve been called out to. We had hoped that the bad joke that is the sheer dress was starting to die out now, but nope, with the approach of the party season, we’ve started to see even more of them than before. Well, Christmas is coming after all: what more could you ask for than a dress that exposes your almost-naked body in all its glory (or lack thereof). No Mince Pies for the shress-wearers this year!

This one is by Dolce & Gabbana, and it’s floor-length design suggests that what we’re looking at here is their take on the “evening shress” – a Dress Shress, if you will. Perfect for all of those black-tie occasions at the end of the year, no?

Currently only available in UK sizes 10 and 12, this is £278 at Yoox.

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  • February 25, 2010


    Okay, I like this. It looks good over something, such as a real dress. A simple kind, with a complementing color. Or its for the bedroom.

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