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Shress Alert! ASOS Lace Trimmed Petticoat Maxi Dress

” A perfect number for sophisticated summer events,” says of this sheer maxi dress. Well, only if by “sophisticated summer events” you mean “ones where you’re required to wear two dresses – one long, one short – at the same time.” Or “ones where you expect a heavy rainfall, and want to be able to protect your little black dress from the elements while still showing it off”.

Yes, this definitely reminds us of those transparent ponchos you see people wearing in theme parks in the summer, only it comes in the shape of a maxi dress, and won’t actually be of much use in the rain. Still, if you’re feeling particularly indecisive, it could be a good way to wear two looks in one – three if you count the whole “underwear as outerwear” thing that’s going on there.

It’s £75 at What do you think?

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