Fashion Crime Friday | Shoulders and sleeves

Sometimes we love not being “edgy”. When you don’t have to worry about whether your outfit is edgy/on-trend enough, for instance, these Acne outfits become simply something to make you smile, as opposed to something you might actually have to consider wearing:

acne long-sleeved sweaters

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Suspects # 1 – 3 | Acne’s super-long sleeves

Remember when you were little, and some well-meaning relative would knit you a sweater, the sleeves of which were almost down to your knees, but which you had to wear anyway, rather than offend them? That well-meaning relative is apparently designing for Acne these days: who knew? We really love the way these models have managed to put everything we think about those sleeves into their facial expressions, too! Is THIS why model’s are always so slim? Is it because they can’t actually use their hands?

drop-crotch jumpsuit

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Suspect # 4 | The Drop Crotch jumpsuit

Sometimes we like to amuse ourselves by pretending people who wear things like this do so because their bodies are actually that shape. Try it: once you have, you’ll never be able to look at a drop-crotch jumpsuit the same way again.

drop-shoulder t-shirt

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Suspect # 5 | The Drop-Shoulder T-shirt

We’ve come to the conclusion that anything with the word “drop” in the name is probably going to be a crime of fashion. These shirts, for instance. We were so confused when we saw these shirts. Why so mis-shapen, we wondered? Wouldn’t that be really uncomfortable to wear? Well, it turns out that these are, in fact, “drop-shouldered: they’re cut to look like they’re much too big for the wearer, so one sleeve will hang far lower than the other. So now, as well as paying for clothes that have been deliberately distressed, to make them look old and worn, you can ALSO pay for clothes that look like they’re far too large. Fashion will never cease to amaze us.

Finally, on the subject of intentionally-distressed jeans:

lace-insert jens

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Suspect # 6  | The Lace-Insert Jeans

The visible pocket is the best bit, isn’t it?

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  • September 4, 2014


    They make the sleeves this long so somebody else will need to carry the bags 😉

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