Short Sleeve Jackets: What’s the point?


Short sleeve jackets. I love ’em. I mean, seriously, they’re adorable, aren’t they? Here’s the thing, though: they’re almost completely useless. Or they are to me, anyway. The short sleeve jackets fail to fulfill one of the most important functions of outerwear, which is to keep you warm. For this reason, they fail.

Maybe it’s just me. See, I seem to feel the cold more than most people. I am rarely without a cardi or a (long-sleeved) jacket, even on the warmest of days, just in case it gets a little chilly. I know not everyone is like this. I know this because I see people walk past Fashion Police HQ every day, wearing just jeans and t-shirts. IN FEBRUARY. But I feel the cold, and when I do, I need to cover my arms. This is why, as cute as our short-sleeved-jacket friends are, I can’t imagine a single scenario in which I would ever be able to wear them.

My thinking is this: if it’s cold enough to need a jacket, it’s too cold to go out with bare arms. Conversely, if it’s warm enough for bare arms, it’s too warm for a trench coat. You see where I’m coming from here? And of course, I guess you could wear the short sleeved jackets with long sleeves underneath, but I’m guessing that would kind of defeat the purpose, no?

Tell me: are you with me on the short-sleeved jacket issue? Or is it really just me?

Jackets, L-R: cap sleeve jacket, Topshop; Double breasted jacket, Oli; sort sleeve belted Macintosh, Warehouse

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