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Style on Trial: Anthropologie’s ‘Clematis’ shoes: no need to buy socks!


By now you all know what we think of boots that pretend to be shoes, but we’re curious to know what you think of them – and, specifically, what you think of these boots by Anthropologie, which aren’t so much boots-pretending-to-be-shoes as they’re shoes-pretending-to-have-socks-stuck-in-them.

As far as The Fashion Police are concerned, this idea is, quite frankly, bizarre. Seriously, how hard is it to just put on a pair of socks before slipping into your shoes? Why would you need shoes with socks already in them? And if you wore these often, wouldn’t people start to wonder why you ALWAYS wore the same damn socks with them. Wouldn’t that make you look a bit… yucky? What if you get mud on the "sock" bit? How do you clean them? And wouldn’t you prefer to be able to mix things up a little from time time by maybe wearing a DIFFERENT pair of floral socks with your brown suede shoes?

So many questions, which can all be encapsulated in one: what do you think of these shoes?

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