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Shoe Style on Trial: Chloe perspex heeled court shoes

We’ve talked about perspex-heeled shoes a few times here at The Fashion Police, and every time the subject comes up, so does the phrase “stripper shoes”. So why is this time any different? Well, it may not be, of course: that’s totally up to you. But here’s why we’ve put these shoes On Trial, rather than sending them straight to The Fashion Police jail, with no hope of bail:

1. They don’t have platforms. The type of shoe we think of when we hear the word “stripper shoe” almost always has a gigantic platform.

2. And a stiletto heel. These ones have a more matronly, chunky feel to them.

3. Actually, the whole shape is verging on the “matronly”, in the sense that the style is more the kind of thing you’d wear to the office than to dance around a pole.

But then there’s that heel.

We think Chloe have tried to go for a “shoe suspended in mid air” feel, here, or to simply give an interesting twist to what would otherwise be a rather boring court shoe, but have they succeeded? Will this be the shoe to convince The Fashion Police readers that clear heels CAN work?

Let’s find out…

(These are $650: click here to buy them.)

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