Shoe of the Week: Carvela ‘Assemble’ bow front pumps in blue

Carvela 'Assemble' pumps

It’s Friday, the weekend’s almost here, the wine is chilling in the fridge, and we haven’t seen anyone wearing harem pants for, ooh, at least two days now.

All of these things combine to put The Fashion Police in a good mood, so we thought we’d celebrate by showing you something we love, rather than something we just want to lock up for the rest if its natural life.

For that reason, we give you Carvela’s ‘Assemble’ pumps. (Note: we’re not actually “giving” you them. We’d like to, of course, but they’re £120, and even The Fashion Police need to eat.) They’re blue. They’re Spring-like. They have that ladylike vibe going on that makes us want to wear them with prim 50s dresses, and maybe a pillbox hat. Or maybe not.

They’re our Shoe of the Week: and if you’d like to nominate a shoe for next week, feel free to tell us about it

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