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Shocking Swimwear: Tie dye one-piece by Pistol Panties

“And this is what your swimsuit will look like AFTER the vicious shark attack that leaves blood and entrails dripping down your torso!”

Yes, we know it’s tie dye, and normally we’d be all over Pistol Panties for the Non-Hippie Related Use of Tie Dye, but actually, we’re much too distracted by the fact that this particular job looks more like blood n’ guts than a simple garish print, doesn’t it?

On the plus side, however, just imagine the fun you could have staggering out of the water in this, yelling, “OMG! SHARK! SHARK!”  That alone might just make this worth £59 to you, and if it does, head over to Topshop and make it yours!

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