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Style on Trial: Shirting Stripe Dress by Nicole Miller


Ladies and gentlemen of The Fashion Police Jury, in the dock before you stands Nicole Miller’s Shirting Stripe Dress. It has been accused of committing crimes against fashion and actually, the more we look at it, the more we convince ourselves it’s guilty. But it’s Friday and we’re feeling generous, so we’re going to let you be the ones to make that decision…

The Case for the Prosecution:

OK, this is an oversized shirt and an undersized dress, stuck together, and therefor in clear contravention of The Fashion Police ruling against Clothes That Are Stuck Together. Also, it looks like this poor woman went out wearing a perfectly nice dress and shirt, and then some dastardly villain came along and ripped it off her, leaving her with only a scrap of dress, and the shirt. Guilty as charged!

The Case for the Defence:

Well, we’ve already established that sometimes there are good reasons for clothes to be stuck together. And, um, this is quirky! And unusual! And “quirky and unusual” is good, right? Right?

Over to you, jurors: will you convict or acquit this dress? Tell us! (You’ll find a poll under the jump to let you register your vote.)

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