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Shiela’s Heels – convertible high heels


Know how to spot a (stylish) woman driver? She’ll be the one with one shoe all scuffed at the heel and wrinkled at the toe, because that’s the foot she uses to drive with. Or maybe that’s just me? Anyway, these convertible high heels by car insurance company Sheila’s Wheels are designed to put an end to the female driver’s plight, with a stiletto heel that folds into the sole, turning it into a flat. I have no idea where this mysterious button us, but I do know that while the high heels are OK in a trashy, 80s kind of way, the flat version looks like something I might have won to the school disco when I was ten. Still, they’re safer to drive in than your stilettos, and they’re certainly more glamorous than most "driving shoes". The question is, though: would you wear them?

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