Crimes of Fashion

Sheer Shorts: Hannah floral lace cycling shorts from

We’ve shown you plenty of shants (sheer pants) and shresses (sheer dresses) in the past, now how about some sheer shorts?  Actually, we’re not sure what to call these – there’s not really a “shress” or “shants” equivalent for shorts is there?  Mind you, we are glad there isn’t a word for these as that would only encourage them to spread across the internet and that is definitely something the fashion world (and the non-fashion world), can live without.  As for the poor model forced into these: she has been provided with a top barely long enough to preserve her modesty, and is surely glad that only her torso is on display, thus protecting her identity. are selling these floral, completely see through, lace cycling shorts for the mercifully low price of £8, but does that make them acceptable?  We say no.  What do you say though?  Would you wear these?  Would you wear cycling shorts at all?  Or lace pants for that matter?  If you like these, you can buy them here.

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