Crimes of Fashion

Sheer Hell – the fashion crime of the year


This was going to be or ‘Wear or Die’ selection for you today. But as we looked at these two images, side by side in the depths of the Fashion Police cells, we realised that even although the rules of Wear or Die state that death is not an option, surely no one would want to live if it meant having to wear one of these “outfits”. So, instead, we’re posting them here purely as a reminder to us all – as if one is needed – that the whole “sheer” thing all the design houses have been trying to foist onto us lately? Really isn’t a good idea… and when it costs hundreds of pounds, like the shants above, it becomes positively criminal.

L-R : Trousers, £278 (!), Jo No Fui; Dress, £88, Antik Batik

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