More shants! (Sheer pants, for the uninitiated)


You know, I’ve been having a bit of a crappy day today as I sit here at Fashion Police HQ feeling all sorry for myself in the wake of yesterday’s migraine. There is but one thing with the power to lift me from those Mean Reds, though, and that one thing is: SHANTS! Thank you, Greie, for designing this particulary chucklesome pair, and thank you Yoox, for seeing fit to dress your model in only these, a t-shirt and a pair of ballet flats, with nothing more to protect her modesty than the thin, peach coloured line that’s just about covering her bare crotch. Oh that poor girl…

Well, one thing’s for sure: you’d definitely want to get yourself a Brazilian before wearing these babies, which Yoox are playfully describing as "dress pants" and, even more hilariously, charging $158 – those jokers! DRESS PANT, though?! Fancy dress pants, maybe, but only for the very brave/immodest/Britney Spears, and I really can’t imagine any other "dress" occasion at which a pair of shants would be appropriate attire, can you?

Thanks for the laugh, though, oh Shants-makers of the world! I needed that.   


  • December 5, 2007


    Jesus and the saints… you’d really need to own a breathtakingly spectacular vulva to want to wear these. Perhaps they’re for post-labiaplasty patients who are OH SO PROUD!
    At any rate, they make me sad and scared. I don’t think that’s what they were going for…

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  • August 1, 2008


    Whoa… I thought that you were going to say that this was some form of lingerie because that is the ONLY reason why any woman in her right mind should be wearing those pants. If I was the CEO of a business and one of my employees came in wearing these babies I would fire them on the spot.

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