Dress of the Day: Sexy Lou Lou Dress from Miss Selfridge


I know, I know. I’ve been fairly vocal in the past about both clothes that are stuck together and high waists (although, in my defense, while I don’t think I’ll ever come round to the idea of high waists on pants , I do quite like them on skirts – go figure), but this is the bit where I get to totally go back on everything I’ve said before, and admit that I really quite like this high-waisted, stuck-together-skirt-and-shirt that is Miss Selfridge’s Sexy Lou Lou Dress.

The thing is, this is sexy. It has that whole "sexy secretary" thing going on, and if I worked in an office, I’d totally buy this, and wear it with a pair of toweringly high black stiletto heels. And an oversized clutch.

It’s almost making me wish I was an office worker…

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