Sex and the City movie premiere: Sarah Jessica Parker


It was always pretty much a given that Sarah Jessica Parker would try to pull something a little bit extraordinary out of the bag for the Sex and the City movie premiere in London last night, but here it looks like she actually turned up in character as Carrie. And man, we’d have hated to have been sitting behind her in the theatre…

We love the dress, but aren’t huge fans of headgear that makes you walk like a robot, scared to move your head in case it all comes tumbling down on top of you, which is what seems to be going on here. It’s a great hat to look at, but possibly not so much fun to wear, we suspect. What do you think, though?

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Sex and the City movie provides second sighting of weird, marshmallow wraps that are taking over the world…


Yesterday it was Lucy Liu, today it seems Sarah Jessica Parker has become the latest victim of the strange, puffy wraps which have been preying on innocent celebrities across the land. While Lucy Liu’s pink wrap looked like a giant sea creature, though, Allie is Wired points out that this one looks more like a massive scrunchie, and you know what – she’s right! Allie is also right when she imagines The Fashion Police circling SJP like bloodhounds for this outfit, but we’re not going to arrest her for it because:

a) It’s Carrie. This sort of behaviour is expected. 

b) There’s more to this than meets the eye, we think. Where are the giant puffy wraps coming from? Patricia Field is stylist for both Sex and the City, and Lucy Liu’s Cashmere Mafia. Is she the Master of Marshmallows? And can we expect to see more of them unleashed across the city, if so? 

Those two points aside, though, we’re actually feeling ambivalent about the Puffy Wraps. We realise they seem like the sort of thing we should hate, but we just …don’t, somehow. Maybe it’s something to do with the sheer drama of them, who knows. We will be watching this situation develop with interest, though.

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