Strangely enough, I love them, and I hate all things …

Comment on Sergio Rossi and the technicolour dream boots by Heather.

Strangely enough, I love them, and I hate all things bright and colorful and pink (I love bright or dark blues and reds but hate pastels.) I can’t imagine buying them–they wouldn’t go with ANYTHING I own, not even jeans, but there is something about them. I suspect the sales on these will be people like me (but with more money to burn than I do) who fall in love with them and then never actually wear them.

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Yay or Nay: Tights
I have short, muscular legs and can never find them that fit properly and hate that they cost about the same price as a pair of leggings if not more in many cases. (More money for something that is also less likely to last more than a few wearings? No thank you.) I tend to go for over the knee socks instead for that reason plus all those you mention.

Can short women wear midi skirts?
I am 5’3″ and wear longer skirts all the time (with heels because I live in my Born heels though I have been known to wear them with my tennis shoes though in my case I stick with knee length skirts when wearing them with tennies.)

Fashion Police for the Boys: The Kilt Thong
HAHAHAHHAH! It looks like someone put a plaid towel on a piece of elastic.

Fashion Trends: the Midi skirt makes a comeback
I live in these things anyway, so am thrilled they are actually back in style. 🙂 (I have 3 children and love skirts. I wore short skirts due to my short legs until I realized that short skirts and small children do not go well. Meanwhile I am short and maxi’s are about 2 inches too long.) And on my petite frame the typical knee/slightly above knee skirts hit the calf so most non-mini’s end up being about this length on me. They can look very frumpy (especially if you go longer or if they hit right at the widest part of the calf) but otherwise I like them.

Ugly Prom Dress Alert: The Purple Mullet
My 11 and 13 yr olds looked at this and said it looked like a suit of armor for a princess (and made horrid faces at it so that was not a good thing.)

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