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Hairy, scary ankle boots by Sergio Rossi

Sergio_rossi_ankle_bootsWell, we don’t know about you, folks, but we’re pretty sure we’ll be having nightmares tonight. And probably every night, until we can somehow manage to get the image of these Sergio Rossi ankle boots out of our heads. Speaking of heads, whose head is that on these boots, we wonder? Elvis? Some other poor unfortunate who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Anyone out there missing a toupé? And are we the only ones who’re completely icked-out by these?

These are just one of a few Sergio Rossi designs to feature fur or hair right now, and they cost $910 from the designer’s website. We don’t think “hate” is too strong a word for how we feel about these, but we have to admit to a certain degree of curiosity about them. How would you clean them, for instance? Would they need a shampoo and blow-dry? And, more puzzlingly: who would wear them? What would they wear them with?

So many questions. If you think you have the answers, please, speak up…

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