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Style on Trial: Selected Femme leopard print silk maxi dress

We tend to think of maxi dresses as very much a “summer” item, but here we are at the very start of October, and ASOS have just stocked up on this pink, leopard-print maxi dress, presumably so we can all swish through the autumn leaves (and mud, and rain, and slush) in it. Hmmm.

Now, we have to confess that maxi dresses aren’t really our thing at any time of year, because as much as we’d like to like them, they just don’t suit us, and also make us feel a little like we’re starring in a costume drama as The Madwoman In the Attic. Which, OK, is pretty much what this dress makes us think of.

We’re clearly biased here, though, which is why we’re putting the dress in question up On Trial, to allow you, the Fashion Police Jury, to decide its fate. Is it a crime of fashion? Does it make you think of Victorian nightwear? Or do you actually love it, and think it should be acquitted of all crimes?

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