I’ll just pretend an artist is making a statement that …

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I’ll just pretend an artist is making a statement that people will spending money to look like they are wearing nothing, Emperor’s New Clothes style.

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Emerald is the colour of 2013, says Panetone
I’m somewhat excited and somewhat not. I’m thrilled that there’s going to be more green stuff, but I don’t want to see it get overplayed so much that I get sick of it.

How many outfits do you pack for a one week vacation?
I’ve recently been learning about packing light–learning how to stuff a week’s worth of clothes into a carry on. So this shocked me a bit.

Anthony Vaccarello takes the cut-out dress trend too far
Where’s the bellybutton?

Calling All Shopaholics! Take the Closet Challenge and save your clothes!
I found a great tip the other day if you’re doing something like this. Take out all your clothes hangers and put them back in the closet facing backwards. When you take out the clothes that you’re going to wear, put the hanger back in in the other direction. By the end of the year, the clothes that you’ve never worn will be on the hangers facing back and the clothes you do wear will be on hangers facing front.
Did that make sense?

Viktor and Rolf mesh inserts dress
This looks like the blue net dress that Jennifer Lawrence wore at some award show.

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