Crimes of Fashion

Where would you wear…

see-through clothes

…totally see-through clothes, like this or this?

Seriously, people, help us out here. Help us understand why such apparently useless garments keep popping up on the racks of some of our favourite fashion brands. Who is buying this stuff? And, more importantly, where on earth are they wearing them? What kind of situation makes you think, “You know what THIS calls for? My totally see-through animal print dress! Oh no, on second thoughts maybe my totally see-through shirt n’slacks combo would work better?” Do we really want to know the answer to these questions?

And OK: we guess the white outfit could possibly work as a beach cover-up. But only if you don’t want your beach cover-up to actually… cover you up. Or keep you warm. Or to fulfil ANY purpose other than to prompt total strangers to look at you and say, “Oh, hey, here comes the Emperor again, in her shiny new clothes!”

Enlighten us: where would you wear these? Other than in the Fashion Police jail, obviously…

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