See by Chloe’s jersey racer back jumpsuit, a.k.a. the return of the “dress like a toddler” trend


These pictures sum up pretty much everything we hate hate about jumpsuits. The shapelessness of them. The drabness of them. The way they make even Net-a-Porter’s presumably adult-sized mannequin look like a three year old who just soiled her diaper. Yes, folks, it’s that whole ‘dress like a toddler’ thing again, and no matter how many times we see this "trend" in action, we will never be convinced that there’s a good reason for grown women (or men, for that matter) to dress like small children. Even if the clothes in question are by a normally droolworthy label like Chloe.

Even the description of this item seems to mark it out as something more suitable for the under-fives, with Net-a-Porter noting that it "just slips on" without any of the pesky buttons and zippers we’d normally associate with adult clothes. Tell us it’s not too much trouble to dress like an adult, someone? Because all this outfit would need would be a pair of brightly coloured Crocs, and it would be perfect for the playground.

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