Secret Police Fitting Room Review: New Look sparkly ankle boots

New Look sparkly ankle boots

The Fashion Police’s undercover officers are infiltrating fashion retailers around the country in order to bring you honest, unbiased reviews of the clothing and footwear they find there. Today, they visit New Look to investigate a pair of sparkly ankle boots

Officer: Chief of Police Forever Amber

Sparkly ankle boot, £24.99

True to size – my usual size fit fine.

Not bad, actually, considering the price. At first glance I’d assumed they were covered in glitter, which would doubtless fall off, leaving a trail of glittery footsteps everywhere you went, but the upper is actually a kind of high-shine snake print, which creates the sparkly effect without the usual glitter or sequins.

Officer’s comments:
PR people keep writing to tell me that Christmas is “just around the corner” (as if I could possibly forget!) and that I better get ready to douse myself in glitter, so I thought I’d review something sparkly for this edition of Secret Police. Now, glitter and sequins are really Not My Thing, so I was surprised by how much I liked these: in fact, I had to spend a good bit of time talking myself out of buying them, so smitten was I by their high-shine upper, which lights up like a disco ball when it catches the light. Part of the appeal here was the sleek shape, which makes them ideal for wearing with tights or skinnies, and I also like the fact that they’re not covered in glitter, and therefore look less like a child’s art project than some shoes I could mention.

The heel is pretty high, at 12.5cm, but I had no problems walking in them on my circuit of the store, and I think they’d be pretty easy to wear: surprisingly so, given my allergy to anything with the world “glitter” in it!

Verdict: Surprised myself by really liking these: an easy (and cheap) way to add a bit of Christmas sparkle without going down the glitter route.

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