Scrunchies are making a comeback: will you wear one?

hair scrunchies

Scrunchies: ASOS

Like many items from the 80s and 90s, scrunchies are currently making a bit of a comeback, and are available to buy at places like ASOS (where we found the examples above) and various other mass-market retailers. So, how do we feel about this?

Well, on the plus side, scrunchies are kinder to your hair than many other forms of hair-tie. The fabric which surrounds them doesn’t snag or pull at your hair, and they’re comfortable to wear to bed, say, or to tie your hair up in the shower or bath. Scrunchies also come in a variety of different colours and prints (like the monochrome one above, which is “bang on trend” for this season), so they’re more like accessories than simple hair ties.

On the minus side, however… they’re scrunchies. Which we last wore in the 90s, with our high-waisted jeans and our acid house t-shirts. They say that if you’re old enough to remember a trend from the first time it was in fashion, you’re too old to wear it the second time. We don’t subscribe to that theory at all (Do you?): we reckon that if the trend in question is a good one, and it’s still flattering on you, then there’s no reason whatsoever to force yourself to avoid it purely for the sake of abiding by some silly “rule”. That said, we didn’t love scrunchies the first time round, so we’re probably not going to start loving them now, either, although we probably wouldn’t put a simple hair accessory in the “fashion crime” category either – unless you really want us to, that is.

DO you want us to class scrunchies as fashion crimes? Tell us where you stand on this important issue, people: should scrunchies have stayed in the past, where they belong, or do you have no issue with them making their mark on the modern world?

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