Fashion Police

Fashion Police at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2009 – The Bad (Angelina Jolie, Lisa Rinna, Eva Longoria Parker)


OK, now we know Angelina Jolie had twins fairly recently, so her body confidence possibly isn’t at its highest ever, but if she persists in wearing these saggy, shapeless dresses to awards ceremonies, she’s going to find herself with a whole bunch of new pregnancy rumours to answer to. The colour doesn’t help much either here, of course, and the whole thing is just too dull and droopy for us: come on, Angelina, you’re gorgeous – no need to hide your light under this, er, bushel!


At the other end of the scale, meanwhile, we reckon Lisa Rinna had just a little bit too much body confidence here -s o much so that we think we can see her underwear. Lisa, it’s great that you’re comfortable with your figure, but when you’re so comfortable it makes us worry your dress is going to drop off any second, that’s just too comfortable in our book…



This one may be controversial, because we know a lot of people loved Eva Longoria’s peach Jenny Packham dress, but somehow it’s just not doing it for us – possiblu because it makes us think of a bridesmaid’s dress, circa 1984. Peach can be tricky like that.

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