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Scary Slippers: spiky pink fur boot slippers from Priceless

Scary_slippersNow, we know, we know: they’re slippers. They’re for wearing in the comfort of your own home, and what you wear in your own home is totally up to you. The Fashion Police have no jurisdiction there (the Chief has a pair of “boot” slippers herself, albeit plain, non-spiky ones, so it’s not like we can talk, after all), but that doesn’t stop us thinking these are the scariest slippers we’ve ever seen, and if we found them lying under our bed one dark night, we’d probably have nightmares. In fact, we probably will.

If you get enough of dressing stylishly all day, though, and just want to kick back, relax and dress in spiky, comedic fashion at home, these are £10 and you can buy them from Priceless Shoes. Would you, though?

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