Scary Slippers: when footwear goes bad

shaggy slippers

Berhard Willhelm cotton and leather slippers, $325

We don’t normally waste our officer’s time on fashion crimes of the “indoor clothes” kind, because as people are always telling us, why should we care what people wear in the comfort of their own homes? And why indeed: we may not fully understand why some people relax at home by stuffing their feet inside a pair of stuffed teddy bears, say, or any of the many other “comedic” slippers people seem to love so much, but we’re not going to arrest them for it either. (Unless they start wearing them in public, obviously, as has happened with our arch nemesis, the adult onesie. When that happens, all bets are off.)

We do make an exception for SOME of those so-called “indoor clothes”, however, and a $325 pair of slippers definitely falls into that category, because seriously,  who spends $325 just to be able to walk around the house wearing slippers that look like something the cat dragged in? WHO? If you know the answer to this question, then a) please enlighten us and b) you may be interested to know that the website we found these on also has a giftwrapping service. What we wouldn’t give to see the look on someone’s face as they opened a beautifully wrapped parcel, only to find… these. It would almost be worth the $325. OK, no it wouldn’t….

Fancy slipping into these of an evening? Well, on the plus side, at least if your new puppy decides to use them as a chew toy, you won’t really be able to tell the difference!

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