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Star Style Wars: Scarlett Johansson V. Natalie Portman, Round 3


The publicity machine for The Other Boleyn Girl has now reached London, giving Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman yet another opportunity to prove who is the most stylish of the Boleyn girls – an important question, we’re sure you’ll agree.

ScarJo and Nat were neck and neck after rounds one and two of this game: will round three see a winner start to emerge, we wonder? For the London premiere, we think Scarlett got it wrong again, choosing a silver dress that isn’t hideous, but which isn’t particularly flattering on her either. We can only assume this is the reason Natalie, in her much nicer address, is assuming this saintly, Virgin-Mary-esque pose, as she looks down her nose and wonders why the hell Scarlett can’t just straighten up already. You know, like her.

Feel like knocking Saint Nat off that pedestal she seems to be on, or do you think she has good reason to be on it? Who’s the winner of this round of Star Style Wars: The Boleyn edition?

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