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Say No To Sweats: ASOS Track Pants and Sweater in Mex Tex Print

ASOS Track Pants in Mex Tex PrintThere’s really no commentary required here, is there?

This does, however, make us want to revive our Say No To Sweats campaign. And you know, we have nothing against sweatpants, as long as they’re deployed in the appropriate manner, which would include exercise, slopping out on the sofa, maybe a quick trip to the store for emergency doughnut and coffee rations. You know, that kind of thing.

We have a feeling that’s not how ASOS intend this little outfit to be worn, though. We think they want it to be a fashion statement. And the only “fashion statement” this outfit will be making will be the one we’ll take down when we arrest it.

“Mex Tex” print sweatsuit, you have the right to remain silent…

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