Say No to Sacks Part 2: The jumpsuit sack


  The Fashion Police's Say No to Sacks Campaign continues… We've  already said an emphatic "No!" to sack-like dresses, but this week we just want to say something that should really be self-evident, but apparently isn't, if the picture above is anything to go by. It's this:

If your sack has legs, that still doesn't make it OK.

We repeat: sacks with legs -or "jumpsuit sacks" = NOT OK. The Fashion Police will still come after you – especially if the sack in question costs $288, because that's just daylight robbery.

We hope this clarifies matters on the "sack" front. Oh, and if you're wondering why the model in the picture above doesn't have a head, don't worry: it's because she's part of our Victim Protection Plan. She didn't deserve to have this done to her, poor girl…

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