Save or Splurge: Ruffle detail shoes


Once again, the "splurge" option here isn’t too much of a splurge – we think £60 is actually pretty reasonable for a pair of shoes, but there’s no denying that £15 is something of a bargain, so you may just decide to save your pennies on them, instead of going for the more expensive shoes at four times the price.

The shoes on the left are from Priceless, and are £15, while the ones on the right are £60 from Faith. We think the Faith shoes definitely look more expensive, but would they be worth the extra cash, do you think? Would you choose to save or splurge?   

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Save or Splurge: Strapless Jumpsuits


With winter drawing in, strapless anything is probably the last thing you want to be buying, but let’s say you were in the market for a black, strapless jumpsuit at the moment: would you be saving or splurging on it, we wonder?

The two jumpsuits show above aren’t identical: the one on the left is by Black Halo, and is wide-legged and floor length, as well as being $390, while the one on the right is by good ol’ Topshop, and has capri-length trousers with a sweetheart necked top. At £45, it’s not exactly "cheap", but it is significantly cheaper than the Black Halo suit, and while the difference in price can be seen in the fabric,  we much prefer the narrower legs and shaped tops of the Topshop version, which we think would look great with a pair of black ballet flats, a waist belt and a pair of black sunglasses, worn on a chic summer holiday.

Which do you prefer, though? Assuming that you’d buy either of these, would you save or splurge, and why?

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