Save or Splurge: Red cropped trousers by ASOS and Jil Sander


First up, we'd just like to say that it was not The Fashion Police who ruthlessly chopped off the top of the head of the model above, it was ASOS themselves. Sorry, model!

Second up: There are lots of differences between the two pairs of trousers seen here: in fact, the only real similarity is that they're both red, and they're both cropped. Personally, we much prefer the narrow legs and flat front of the ASOS versions on the left, which are more streamlined, with a bit of a pin-up girl vibe. That said, we'd kinda prefer the length of the Jil Sander pants on the right, which also look a little more comfortable.

If money was no option, which would you choose? Would you Save or Splurge?

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