Save or Splurge: Grey dresses by Victoria Beckham and French Connection


These two dresses aren’t exactly the same, but then, with a £2,000 price difference, you wouldn’t really expect them to be, would you?

The dress on the right is by Victoria Beckham, and is currently out of stock at Net-a-Porter, which just goes to show that, yes, there are people in the world who would pay that much for a dress.

The dress on the left, meanwhile, isn’t exactly “bargain basement” at £95, but as we said, it does represent a £2,000 saving on the original, so could be a slightly more realistic option for those of you looking to get the same look on a non-Beckham budget. It’s from French Connection.

Which would you choose, though, assuming you’d choose either? Would you save or splurge?

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