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Save or Splurge: Erdem Argenta dress VS Fever Scribble Ruffle dress

The minute we saw the Erdem Argenta dress on the My Theresa website we were reminded of Fever Designs’ Scribble Ruffle dress. Ok, the colour schemes differ slightly (although The Fashion Police are inclined to think Fever’s cornflower blue and poppy red palette a little easier to wear), and the Scribble dress forgoes the contrasting shoulders in favour of a ruffle bib, but essentially, they’re distinctly similar in shape and style.

The difference, of course, comes in the cost. The Erdem Argenta dress from My Theresa will set you back a tidy €849,00 (approx £728).  Meanwhile, the Scribble Ruffle dress from Fever Designs is a more conservative £54.99.

So, fair readers: what do you say: would  you save or splurge on a dress like this?

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