Save or Splurge: Cynthia Steffe Vs Billabong strapless dresses

While one is floral and one is striped, it is the colorful palette and silhouette that struck us as similar between these two dresses. We saw the likeness between the Cynthia Steffe Sam ruffled floral dress, $325, and the Billabong Irina Dress, on sale for $39.99, most when we saw Nikki Reed wearing the designer version at the Kid’s Choice Awards.

When it comes to kicky summer dresses, budget often comes down to where you would wear it. If you want it to bum around or supplement your vacation wardrobe, you might be more inclined towards the Billabong version. But if you’ve got a fancy wedding or event coming up, you might be more willing to part with the cash for Cynthia Steffe.

What say you, fashion public?

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