Save or Splurge: Breton stripe dresses

If you thought we’d left stripes far behind us in the summer, think again: the Breton look is everywhere at the moment, and you’ll find t-shirts, sweaters and dresses, all bearing that familiar stripe.

Striped dresses like the ones pictured above are currently ten a penny, but of course, they’re not all quite as cheap as that phrase suggests! The one on the right of our image, for instance, is by Crumpet, and costs £250 from Net-a-Porter, while the one on the left is a more wallet-friendly £17.99 from Misguided.

Aside from the obvious differences in style, the Crumpet dress IS cashmere, which accounts for the higher price. Does it convince you it’s worth paying more for, though, or would you stick with the budget option: assuming you’d buy something in this style in the first place?

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