Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Sass & Bide make $1,200 leggings. Out of mesh.

Seriously, can you even IMAGINE paying £770/ $1,234 for something with the word MESH in its product name? Because we can’t. Ever had the experience of pulling on a new pair of tights, only to put your nails right through them, laddering them irreparably? Or been just about to leave the house when your dog/cat/child jumped onto your leg, wrecking another pair of stockings? That’s the kind of thing we’d fear if we were to go out in these. Well, that, public ridicule and Fashion Police arrest, obviously.

Daylight Robbery? Well, we’re willing to believe a lot of work went into the beading, which would certainly justify these costing more than your average pair of leggings. To take all that hard work, though, and attach it to what is essentially a pair of FISHNET TIGHTS – because  come on, it totally is, isn’t it? – is just sheer madness, though. No? You don’t think so? You want to buy them? Head on over to Louisa Via Roma, then, and have your credit card at the ready!

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