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Transformers: Fashion Criminals in Disguise! Sasha Gradiva at the 2012 Grammy Awards

Sasha Gradiva in a dress with guns attached to the arms at  the 2012 Grammy Awards

This is the exact moment at which we lost the will to live last night.

It’s also the exact moment at which we realised our officers will have to be armed at these events in future, because seriously, look at what we’re dealing with here.

This is Sasha Gradiva. No, we hadn’t heard of her either. Our spies tell us she’s a Russian  singer, but she will forever be known now as That Chick With the Gun Dress. We see this as yet another attempt to be OMGSHOCKING, and thus become famous overnight. It’s kind of working because, well, here we are talking about her. Do YOU see this is an amazing moment in fashion, though? Tell us in the comments…

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