Crimes of Fashion, Shoes

Sandals with a skirt: Viktor & Rolf 105mm lasered nappa sandals

shoe in a skirt

As a different Rolf might ask, “Can yer guess whaddit is yet?”

Well, we’re not going to keep you in suspense. Mostly because the answer is already in the title of this post, but folks, this is a shoe:

shoe with skirt

Is anyone else uncomfortably reminded of one of those awful toilet roll dolls? Or wondering just how ugly the shoe underneath must be, for the designers to have felt the need to cover it up like this?

We’re also reminded of horses hooves. Very fancy ones. Like, My Little Pony hooves or something.

hoof shoes

It’s never a good sign when you realise you’re wearing something that might look good on My Little Pony, though, is it?

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