Ruffles go wrong yet again with Karen Zambos Vintage Couture


"This one’s destined to become a favourite," proclaims Shopbop, speaking of this ‘Shimmy Dress’ by Karen Zambos Vintage Couture. Yes, but who with, Shopbop, we want to know? Who is this dress destined to become a favourite with? Hand over their names and we can get them under Fashion Police surveillance, ready for the moment they try to wear this dress in public and we’re forced to sweep in and make an arrest.

Quite apart from the ruffles, there’s the small matter of crotch concealment to consider here. You see, we like to insist that our dresses completely cover our crotches. It’s just one of our strange little quirks. This dress, though… well, it may be doing the job in this particular picture, but if that poor model leans back even slightly, then the ruffled will be the least of her worries…

What do you think?

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